001 Profile

A rigid gray PVC retainer track that mounts inside refrigeration doors and drawers to hold dart style gaskets in place. Usually this profile is replaced when the retainer track is broken badly and won’t hold the gaskets in place any … [read more]

CAD of Gasket Profile 001

169 Profile

This gray PVC push-in style gasket is used on old Traulsen units. Frequently the doors that used this profile have problems with the inside panel swelling due to moisture, causing the gasket to roll towards the outside, preventing it from … [read more]

CAD for Gasket Profile 169

436 Profile

A gray PVC dart style gasket used by a wide range of manufacture’s where the magnet and bellows are centered on the base. The 516 profile is similar in size and shape with the difference being the magnet and bellows … [read more]

CAD for Gasket Profile 436

672 Profile

A gray PVC dart mounted compression gasket used on miscellaneous units manufactured by Harford, Glenco and Traulsen. Since it doesn’t have a magnet, this profile is used on a door that has a latching mechanism. … [read more]

CAD for Gasket Profile 672