001 Profile

A rigid gray PVC retainer track that mounts inside refrigeration doors and drawers to hold dart style gaskets in place. Usually this profile is replaced when the retainer track is broken badly and won’t hold the gaskets in place any … [read more]

CAD of Gasket Profile 001

10-101 Profile

A gray PVC push-in style gasket that is used on Delfield units and looks almost exactly like the 516 profile from the top, but the back side (dart) is wider on the 10-101. The 516 cannot be used in its … [read more]

CAD for Gasket Profile 10-101

357 Profile

This light blue push-in style gasket is used exclusively on Delfield units, and looks similar to the 206 profile from the front. Pay attention to the back side, the 357 is a push-in style while the 206 is a screw-in … [read more]

CAD for Gasket Profile 357